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I came across this Jack Welch quote;

“Change before you have to”

I have always considered this quote to mean to get pro-active when it comes to one’s tax and business affairs. I would even venture further saying that the above quote also applies to personal affairs too.

Here at Financial Systems & Taxation we work hand in hand with our clients to identify any issues that may arise in the future and come up with strategies to maximise the benefits available, or minimize the cost.

Of course we do not proclaim to be magicians, we work within the law to ensure compliance with the legislation of the day.

And of course we do not claim to be able to foretell the future, however any identified risk is passed onto the client, not so that action can be taken straight away, although at times this is the best course of action. We pride ourselves on providing our clients not only expert tax and accounting advise, but also any trends we may become aware of in the varied industries our clients operate in.

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